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Creating bespoke technological solutions and support for your unique AEC requirements.

CDE Design and Setup

Creation and management of customized common data environments for centralized and streamlined data management.

Centralized Data Management: Store all project data in one place, ensuring accuracy and version control.
Enhanced Collaboration: Real-time access to project information with role-based permissions for secure data sharing.
Streamlined Workflows: Automated processes and custom workflows tailored to project needs.
Robust Security: Advanced data encryption and regular backups to protect and ensure data integrity.
Scalable Infrastructure: Secure cloud-based access, scalable for any project size.
Integration Capabilities: Seamless integration with various BIM and construction management software.
User-Friendly Interface: Intuitive design and customizable dashboards for easy data management.

Reality Capture

Enhance your projects with precise LiDAR scans and immersive 360 photo websites for comprehensive visualization.

LiDAR Scanning

  • High-Precision Data: Capture detailed 3D models with exceptional accuracy for precise project planning and analysis.
  • Efficient Surveys: Expedite survey processes and data collection, minimizing on-site time and resources.
  • Integrated with BIM: Seamlessly integrate LiDAR data into BIM workflows to enhance visualization and analysis.

360 Photo Website

  • Immersive Visualization: Provide immersive, panoramic views of project sites for comprehensive remote inspection.
  • Interactive Navigation: Enable stakeholders to explore project details from multiple angles with user-friendly navigation.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Facilitate remote collaboration with clear, detailed visual references accessible anytime, anywhere.

AR & VR Augmentations for BIM

Utilize AR and VR to enhance BIM projects with immersive visualization and real-time collaboration.

VR Augmentations

  • Immersive Visualization: Experience BIM projects in a fully immersive virtual environment for enhanced spatial understanding.
  • Design Validation: Validate designs through virtual walkthroughs, identifying issues early to streamline construction.
  • Collaborative Environment: Facilitate real-time collaboration among stakeholders with interactive VR simulations.

AR Augmentations

  • On-Site Visualization: Overlay BIM models onto the physical environment, improving on-site decision-making and accuracy.
  • Progress Tracking: Use AR overlays to monitor construction progress against plans, ensuring project timelines are met.
  • Interactive Data Access: Access real-time project data overlaid on-site through AR, improving efficiency and communication.


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